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Christmas and New Years!
Christmas has come and gone for another year, but I am still in the Christmas shopping mode. I have to buy gifts for Goddess Annika still! It's not that I have been slacking but some rather unfortunate situations have come up recently that required me to spend more money than I would have liked. It's completely bogus, the situation I am in. I'm just glad I'm not the only one being screwed on this deal by the same company. That aside, I'll be able to catch up rather soon, but I know this wont appeal to Goddess Annika. There is about a one million percent chance that she is upset with me when she found out, but I will just explain my case when I get the opportunity to do so and to see where she wants to go from there. Now that Christmas is over, it's too late to decorate my ass with red stripes isn't it? I hope so!!!

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It's never too late to decorate your ass with red stripes...

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